What Makes a Good Property Manager?

A female property manager holds keys for a tenant's new apartment

If you’re a relatively new landlord who owns more than one home or rental unit, you may not have much experience handling the type of issues that are likely to pop up in those locations. This is why so many landlords hire a property manager or management company to take care of those issues for them.

But without the experience of having hired one before, it’s difficult to know what to traits to look for in a good property manager. Here are just a few qualities any good property manager should have:


It’s important for a property manager to stay cool in all kinds of stressful situations. They’ll have to deal with angry tenants who are demanding something, tenants who don’t pay rent or cause some sort of other issue and contractors who may be difficult to deal with as well. They’ll have to diffuse those situations to solve those problems rather than make them worse.


There’s no substitute for experience. If you’re new to the landlord business, it’s wise to bring on a property manager who isn’t. Look for someone who’s managed a good number of properties over a long time period. This way you can hire someone who knows everything you don’t. They can help you understand how to work with contractors, the ins and outs of local and state real estate law and generally how to operate.

A Good Communicator

Being able to communicate effectively and clearly is a must for any property manager. They need to be able to explain themselves clearly and concisely to you, the residents and anyone else working on your property. Good communication can help eliminate confusion, which can help avoid future issues.


Property management is not your typical 9-5 and it certainly isn’t a job where your day is neatly planned out without interruption. Things can get hectic in a hurry. A contractor may not show up to fix an issue for a tenant. Someone who’s reliably paid rent for years might suddenly stop. A major issue may pop up late at night or very early in the morning. A good property manager has to have the ability to adapt quickly to solve any problem.

Finding the right person to manage your property can be hard. Luckily, AMG Property Management is here to handle all your needs in the greater Indianapolis area. No matter how big or small your portfolio is, we can help you succeed as a property renter.

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What You Need to Know About Credit Scores Before You Rent

A person looks at their credit score on their phone

The rental process can be stressful for tenants and landlords alike. There are a lot of factors that go into choosing the right apartment and, for landlords, choosing the right tenants.

One important thing you may be overlooking as a potential tenant is credit score. Many landlords like to see a credit score of at least 600 or greater. Some may have even higher standards. Here’s what you need to know:

What is a Credit Score?

A credit score is created by a formula that predicts how likely you are to pay back a loan on time. There are several factors that go into this determination, including your current debt, bill-paying history, types of loans you’ve taken out and more. Paying off a lot of debt – such as credit cards, car loans etc. – mostly on time will ensure that you have a high credit score.

Why Does it Matter to a landlord?

If you’re a first-time renter, it may be difficult for a landlord to determine if you’re going to be a reliable tenant. There are no previous landlords to call or references to check. Your credit score allows them to see how responsible you are when it comes to bill paying. If you’re often late with credit card or student loan payments, a landlord may see you as unlikely to pay rent on time.

What You Can Do About it

The first thing to do is find out what your credit score is, which you can do for free online. Some banks also offer credit monitoring, where you’re notified whenever your score changes. If your score is low, find out why that is. The most important factor is paying bills on time. It’s wise to pay your credit card bill in its entirety, but if you can’t do so you should ensure that your outstanding balance is under 30% of your credit limit.

If your credit score is in good shape and you’re looking for a place to rent, contact AMG Property Management. We’ll help you find the perfect rental in the Indianapolis area!

Tips for Property Owners Next Tax Season

Cartoon of Tax Season

With income tax season just finished, the headache of getting your filings done is still fresh in your memory.

If you own a rental property, you know all the more about how overwhelming it can be to complete your taxes. That’s why we’ve compiled a few tips and time-savers that will help you next year, and every year after.

Make sure to claim deductions

Your rental property generates income for you, and you want to offset that column by knowing the ins and outs of deductions and taking advantage of the best approach for your financial situation.

For starters, you can claim deductions for the cost of any advertising for your properties that you did during the year. Likewise, cleaning and maintenance are deductible, as are mortgage interest, utilities, insurance premiums and any legal fees incurred.

Also on the list are commissions, property management fees, association dues, pest control, trash removal fees and yard maintenance.

What many landlords don’t know is that deductions are allowed for travel to and from the property for things like showing it to prospective tenants and performing maintenance. Even if you’re within a few miles, log it every time – the trips will add up. If your property is out of your area, make sure you only deduct the portion of the trip that relates directly to the rental property’s management, conservation or maintenance.

Keep your personal finances separate

Many landlords and property renters recommend keeping separate banking accounts for your rental property and personal incomes. This allows you to have a simpler time separating your assets and can make the process of filing your income at tax time easier. Plus, separating your accounts can allow you to more easily manage the month-to-month expenses and track incomes versus expenditures more closely.

For answers to general questions, start with these rental tax topics from the IRS. Don’t forget that property management fees can also be deducted, as well.

If you’re in need of experienced property management services, trust the team at AMG Property Management to handle your needs. Whether a single property or a large apartment building, we’ve worked with clients large and small and can help you succeed as a property renter.

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Advice for Renting Your Property to a Pet Owner

If you own a rental property, you know that no two families or situations are the same.

Sometimes you may get a couple that is quiet and keeps to themselves, while other times you may get a larger family with children and pets.

If you find yourself leasing your space to the latter, there are certain things that you can do to protect your property against cats, dogs and other critters.

While there are no hard-set rules for how to handle pets that will be staying at your property in Indianapolis, IN, there are steps that can be taken to ensure you are not left with an expensive cleanup when your renters move out.

In this blog we will discuss a few pieces of advice to take into consideration before finishing a lease agreement with a prospective tenant.

Create a separate security deposit

One common choice is for tenants to put down a separate security or “pet” deposit that is intended to cover any damages that occur from keeping a pet. This can be used to repair scratches or tears in floors or carpets, or to clean pet waste from lawns at the end of a rental period.

If no damages occur to the property during the duration of the lease, a renter may be entitled to a refund depending on the agreement that you make with them.

Require an additional fee or rent

Another option that is sometimes used in tandem with a pet deposit is requiring an additional amount of rent for the pet. Some property owners prefer this route over a deposit as they will be guaranteed this extra cash each month and it will not be refundable.

Some owners also choose to require a nonrefundable pet fee. This one-time payment is generally due at the start of the lease or at the time that a tenant gets a pet if they decide to adopt an animal while living at the rental property. This is akin to a security deposit, however it is not returned to the tenant at the end of the lease. Many owners who go this route keep this fee aside and use it to perform maintenance or repair work that may be needed after tenants move out.

With either route that is chosen, the fee is up to the property owner in the state of Indiana.

Make clauses in the rental agreement

Another thing that is commonly suggested is to put a few clauses in place that will protect you as the property owner.

Common clauses include instructions on the disposal of pet waste, restrictions on specific pet breeds, weight limits for pets or clear cleaning policies that require a tenant have the whole home’s carpeted areas steam cleaned before vacating the property.

These additional clauses provide both the owner and occupant with clear directions, expectations and guidelines to maintain a fair and equal understanding of both sides’ rights and responsibilities when it comes to pet ownership.

If you’re a property owner and need assistance ensuring that all agreements made with a renter are fulfilled, we are the team to call upon at AMG Property Management.

We have years of experience working with tenants and property managers alike in the Indianapolis, IN area and look forward to assisting whenever you need us.

To find out more about our full range of property management services, we ask that you call us today at 317-252-5830.

4 Reasons to Choose an Experienced Property Manager

A woman is holding a magnifying glass over a wooden houses. Real estate appraiser. Property valuation / appraisal. Find a house. Search for housing. Real estate market analysis. Selective focus

If you own a rental property, you understand the difficulties that come with its day-to-day operations.

Whether it be finding new and trustworthy tenants, taking care of your current tenants’ maintenance needs, collecting rent or anything in between, it can sometimes all feel like an impossible task.

Luckily, there are professional property management companies available that can handle all your rental property needs, allowing you to focus on the important things in life.

Should you be interested in hiring a property management team but are unsure of what you’ll exactly get in exchange, we encourage you to read on to see all the benefits you will receive from this convenient service.


When it comes to getting high-quality tenants into your property, it’s important to have effective advertising that will draw attention and get inquiries about your available spaces.

Whether you own a rental home, townhouse or apartment complex, a property manager has the skill and experience to properly advertise your space using both traditional and digital media.

With the latter becoming such an important way of drawing tenants in today’s world, it is important to have someone on your side who knows how to get your information out to the public over the internet.

Filling Vacancies

Once potential tenants see your advertisements and inquire about your available rental properties, a property manager will provide the potential tenant with an application, perform background and credit checks, request proof of income, and complete the lease agreement with the tenant.

All of these tasks take time and require a large amount of paperwork. This can all be avoided by hiring a professional team to handle the “dirty work” for you.  


As a property owner, there’s really nothing worse than having to deal with an emergency at one of your properties at odd hours of the day.

Whether you have a family to take care of, a full-time job or simply don’t want to be bothered when you have free time, a property manager will be able to call upon a maintenance team to go and fix any issues, allowing you to go about your day normally.

They will also be able to assist with non-emergency maintenance for tenants as well, to ensure that they are always safe and happy.  

Rent Collection

Another benefit of hiring a property manager is having someone that will be able to handle rent collections for you.

Whether it be via cash, check or over the internet, a property manager will be able to keep track of the payments of all of your tenants and give you the information you need.

Many property managers offer a fully trackable online platform that property owners can look at to see cash flow, payee history, lease term dates and much more.

Should you believe hiring a property manager is the right move for you, let AMG Property Management reduce your stress and keep your property occupied, protected and profitable.

Give us a call today at 317-252-5830 to find out all that property management can do for you.

3 Things Property Owners Look for In a Tenant

When it comes to choosing the right tenant for a rental home, there are several things that property owners and managers look for.

It is no surprise that you will need proof of income/employment to show you can pay your rent each month, but there are several other things that landlords look for including your rental history, credit score and other important background information.

If you can show that you are employed, make an adequate amount of money for the home or other rental property you’re looking at, and have a clean rental history and background, you should have no issue getting the space you’re hoping for.  

Family entering a rental home

Good rental history

One of the most important things that property owners take into account when choosing a new tenant is rental history over the past few years.

In many cases, a rental verification form will be submitted to your current landlord, where they will be able to see if you’ve had a positive rental history in recent years.

If you’ve had no issue in paying your rent each month, you should be well on your way to securing your new rental home. If late payments or other issues are on the report an additional deposit may be required.

An adequate credit score

Although you may not think of it, many property owners or managers will run the credit of a potential tenant to ensure they have an adequate credit score.

A positive credit score will show that you do a good job of paying your bills on time and will give the landlord confidence in you as a tenant.

Depending on the price of your monthly rent, landlords and property managers will typically look for a FICO score of 550 or higher.

Proof of employment, income

Another thing that landlords look for in a tenant is proof of employment and adequate income. Based on how much monthly rent is, a landlord may require your income to be three times that amount to ensure that you can pay your rent on time.

If you’re unable to show proof of employment or a high enough income, you will most likely be taken out of consideration for the space. There are certain conditions where you do not need proof of employment that include receiving retirement benefits, getting social security, disability, GI benefits, child support and alimony, and more.

No matter what your situation may be, you should be prepared to go through a screening process when looking to rent a space.

When you need assistance with finding a new rental property in Indianapolis, IN, we ask that you call on our team at AMG Property Management. We work with both property owners and tenants and will be able to help you with all necessary documentation to ensure you get the rental home you desire. Give us a call today at 317-252-5830 to get started.

Tips for First Time Landlords

If you have recently purchased a property and have made the decision to rent it out to tenants, there are several things you can do to ensure a seamless rental process.

Being a first-time landlord can come with a lot of stress and may feel overwhelming at times, so it’s important to have a plan in place.

Whether you make improvements to your property to get several quality offers, screen potential tenants to see if they’re the right fit or you make the decision to hire a property manager, you’ll be setting yourself up for a successful and stress-free rental process.

Rental Property

Make improvements to increase interest in your property

When looking to get high interest in your rental property there are several renovations you can make, and amenities you can add, that will be enticing for perspective renters.

Common renovations include a new paint job to rooms and hallways, adding new flooring and windows and more. We also suggest updating bathrooms, kitchens and other spaces to give them a more modern feel.

You can add popular amenities that include outdoor lounging areas, a washer and dryer, convenient parking and more to stand out from other properties.

Screen potential tenants

A great way to make sure you’re getting an ideal tenant is by screening them before making a final decision. Do a thorough review of the application and don’t be afraid to ask difficult questions such as eviction history, proof of rent payment history, proof of current employment and more. You can even call previous landlords to see how the tenant treated their property.

Hire a property manager

If you’re going through the process of looking for a quality tenant and need some assistance, or already have one and need help with day-to-day landlord duties, we suggest hiring a property manager.

A property manager assists with everything from the screening of potential tenants to advertising, maintenance of your property, easy-to-use rent paying platforms, the installation of security systems and more.

If you believe that hiring a property manager is the right move for the success of your rental property in Indianapolis, IN, we ask that you call our experienced team at AMG Property Management.

A family-owned business, we have over 25 years of industry experience and know how to attract and keep responsible tenants. To learn more about all the ways we can assist at your property, give us a call today at (317) 252-5830.

5 Packing Tips for Your Next Move

Whether you’re packing up an entire house, or your first apartment, packing up your belongings can be challenging. However, with the right tips and tricks, moving can be surprisingly simple. As your prepare for your next move, here is a list of our best backing tips that will hopefully make your move more organized, efficient, and stress-free.

Packing a Child's Room

Remove Clutter First

As you pack up your space, now is the perfect time to go through your possessions and decide which ones you want to bring with you and which ones you’d like to leave behind. Cutting back on clutter as much as possible before you pack will help you pack, move, and unpack less stuff!

Pack What You Can in Advance

Usually, you’ll know about your next move a few weeks or months in advance. To help take some stress off of your shoulders, start by packing your off-season items that you know you won’t need anytime soon first.

Keep The Essentials Near By

On the night before your move, pack the rest of your everyday essentials into a bag that you can keep with you. This is especially a good idea if you’re making a long, long move to a different state. If something delays your moving truck, at least you know that you will have some of your most essentials with you.

Use What You Have First

Before you start spending money on packing equipment, evaluate what you have first. Things like plastic containers, hampers, suitcases, and reusable bags are great for moving boxes. If you need more boxes, you can usually acquire a decent amount of free moving boxes by asking your friends and family.

Label Your Boxes

As you begin to put your possessions into bins, don’t forget to label each box with the following information:

  • What room it belongs in
  • What contents are in the box
  • Is it fragile?
  • What side should be facing up

Labeling will help ensure that all of your items will arrive at your new home in one piece.

After reading these excellent packing tips, you should be ready for your next move! If you’re looking for properties to rent or buy in the Indianapolis area, contact AMG Property Management.

We’ll help you find your next perfect place to call home.

4 Things You Should Know Before You Make the Move to Indianapolis

Moving to Indianapolis

There are plenty of reasons why people move to Indianapolis. For starters, it’s a great place to live with a booming job market, it has reasonable living costs, and there’s a lot of exciting things to do!

If you’re thinking of looking at properties in Indianapolis, here are some of the main things you should know before moving: 

Indianapolis Has a Great Job Market

If you’re currently exploring new employment opportunities, Indianapolis is consistently ranked as one of the country’s best cities for finding gainful employment. If your career path is in the tech industry, DoubleMap, Infraware, and SmarterHQ are all amazing tech companies that are located here. 

The Cost of Living is Low in Indianapolis

Believe it or not, the overall cost of living in Indianapolis is 8% lower than the national average. Even resources like groceries, utilities, transportation, and healthcare are considered lower than the national average too. 

If you’re looking to purchase new property, you should strongly consider investing in real estate in Indianapolis. The real estate in Indianapolis is considered to be 19% lower than the national average. Some of the least expensive neighborhoods to look for property included Beech Grove, Edinburgh, and Mooresville.

Indianapolis Experiences All Four Seasons 

If you enjoy experiencing the change in seasons, you’d be happy to hear that Indianapolis experiences all four seasons. The summers can often be described as long and warm, while the winters are usually short, windy, and cold.

If you’re looking to visit, September, June, and May are some of the best months to explore Indianapolis. 

Commuting is Easy

In big cities, commuting can be challenging. However, in Indianapolis, most families commute by car to work. It’s fairly easy to navigate through the city in your own vehicle. Surprisingly, Indianapolis has less traffic when compared to other big cities.

If you’re considering moving to Indianapolis, IN, don’t forget to contact AMG Property Management Group to learn more about our available rental properties

Are You Moving Out? Here are 4 Tips to Help Make Sure You Get Your Security Deposit Back!

How Can You Get Your Security Deposit Back?

If you’re renting a home or apartment, odds are you had to pay a security deposit to your landlord before moving in. The purpose of collecting a security deposit is to assure that the tenant keeps the rental in great condition. When you move out, you are likely to get your security deposit back if you take proper care of your rental.

To help increase the likelihood of you receiving your full security deposit back when you move out, here are 4 of our best tips:

Make Sure You’re Reading the Lease

For the most part, leases are straight forward, but that doesn’t mean that you should glance over them before signing. No matter how long your lease is, you need to take the time to read everything carefully. Your lease will explain in detail all the rules you need to follow while you’re renting.

Some landlords give their tenants permission to paint, hang pictures up on the wall, or change out other home structures. On the other hand, other landlords can be very particular about these rules. Always be sure to read your lease and ask questions before changing anything to the home.

Walk Around Your Empty Apartment

Before you start eagerly unpacking and moving your furniture:

  1. Take a walk around your empty apartment.
  2. Make a note of any damage to the walls, floors, drawers, or doors.
  3. Record if any appliances are not working.

This would also be an appropriate time to take a video or pictures to refer to when you’re ready to move out.

Keep Track of Any Upgrades you Make

Over time, it’s normal to make changes in your rental. Whether it be switching out your doorknobs, changing your showerhead, or purchasing a new washer and dryer, make sure you’re recording all your upgrades. You can also take pictures to help document the improvements that you have made to the home!

Clean Before You Leave

As you begin to pack up your belongings, don’t forget to deep clean your rental before leaving. Including removing stains on carpets, repainting scuffs on the wall, and making sure the floors are cleaned! Your landlord will appreciate your efforts.

Are you ready to move into a new rental? If so, contact AMG Property Management. We’ll help you find the perfect rental in the Indianapolis area for your family!