Five Ways AMG Helps Make Your Property Stand Out

Do you want to find tenants for your rental properties more easily? Do you want your property to stand out in the market place? AMG Property Management can help get your property viewed by more qualified renters and help your property appeal to more prospective residents. Let’s look at five ways that using our property management services can help you take the appeal of your rental to the next level.

Property ManagementAppealing Advertising

If your rental property sits empty on the rental market, it ends up costing you money to maintain each and every month. Your property will fill up quickly when you work with us. We use the latest, modern marketing methods to advertise to interested tenants throughout Indianapolis and the greater region, getting your property in front of as many prospective renters as possible.

Tenant Screening

While we want to make sure that your rental property stays rented out, we also understand that you don’t want just anyone living in it. That’s why we will do all of the necessary background and credit checks before allowing someone to move into your property. We guarantee we will do our best to screen applicants and locate good tenants who will pay their rent on time and keep up with the maintenance of your property.

24/7 Maintenance

Speaking of maintenance, we understand that your tenants will need to call for help from time to time. Emergencies happen, whether it’s a power outage or a water line break, and we are here for them at all times – day or night. If your tenants ever have an issue, they’ll be able to reach a live person at any time to handle their service call.

Pay Rent Online

Paying the rent is a cinch with us. Rather than making your tenants mail in a check or visit a rental office, we allow them to pay their rent right online. That benefits both the tenants, who won’t need to spend money on stamps or find time to make it to the rental office, and you as an owner who will have rapid access to your rental income each month.

Home Security Systems

We want to make sure your rental property remains 100 percent safe when it’s in our hands. It’s why we also install ADT Home Security systems into all of the properties that we manage. This provides extra security and protection for your property and offers residents peace of mind. Plus, with these systems in place, both you and your tenants can receive an insurance discount on your owner’s or renter’s policy – and saving money is always appealing!

With more than a quarter century of experience and 700-plus properties in our management portfolio, you can trust that the AMG team will work diligently to ensure that your property is rented quickly to vetted tenants. Let us help you make your rental more appealing – and more profitable – with our property management services. Learn more by giving us a call today at 317-252-5830.

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