What Makes a Good Property Manager?

A female property manager holds keys for a tenant's new apartment

If you’re a relatively new landlord who owns more than one home or rental unit, you may not have much experience handling the type of issues that are likely to pop up in those locations. This is why so many landlords hire a property manager or management company to take care of those issues for them.

But without the experience of having hired one before, it’s difficult to know what to traits to look for in a good property manager. Here are just a few qualities any good property manager should have:


It’s important for a property manager to stay cool in all kinds of stressful situations. They’ll have to deal with angry tenants who are demanding something, tenants who don’t pay rent or cause some sort of other issue and contractors who may be difficult to deal with as well. They’ll have to diffuse those situations to solve those problems rather than make them worse.


There’s no substitute for experience. If you’re new to the landlord business, it’s wise to bring on a property manager who isn’t. Look for someone who’s managed a good number of properties over a long time period. This way you can hire someone who knows everything you don’t. They can help you understand how to work with contractors, the ins and outs of local and state real estate law and generally how to operate.

A Good Communicator

Being able to communicate effectively and clearly is a must for any property manager. They need to be able to explain themselves clearly and concisely to you, the residents and anyone else working on your property. Good communication can help eliminate confusion, which can help avoid future issues.


Property management is not your typical 9-5 and it certainly isn’t a job where your day is neatly planned out without interruption. Things can get hectic in a hurry. A contractor may not show up to fix an issue for a tenant. Someone who’s reliably paid rent for years might suddenly stop. A major issue may pop up late at night or very early in the morning. A good property manager has to have the ability to adapt quickly to solve any problem.

Finding the right person to manage your property can be hard. Luckily, AMG Property Management is here to handle all your needs in the greater Indianapolis area. No matter how big or small your portfolio is, we can help you succeed as a property renter.

To find out more about our full range of property management services, call us today at 317-252-5830!

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