Reasons to Offer a Pet-Friendly Rental Policy

Dog and FamilyIf you’re considering a no-pets policy because you think pets mean noise and mess, think again. Here are a few compelling reasons to offer a pet-friendly rental policy:

Pet-Friendly Properties Attract More Tenants

Around 65 percent of people own a pet, so offering a pet-friendly rental policy can significantly expand your pool of prospective tenants.

Pet Owners Tend to be Responsible

Caring for an animal is a significant responsibility. If your tenants are responsible enough to take good care of their animal companions, they’re more likely to be responsible renters as well—e.g., pay rent on time, care for the unit and give adequate notice if they’re moving out.

Tenants With Pets Are More Likely to Renew

Since pet-friendly rental units can be scarce, pet-owning tenants will be more likely to stay at your property if you offer a pet-friendly rental policy.

Landlords Can Charge More

It’s standard to charge a pet deposit to cover any damage that the pet might cause to your property. Many landlords also charge a small amount of “pet rent” every month. Just check your local laws to determine whether you can charge monthly pet fees, and if so, how much.

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