Are You Moving Out? Here are 4 Tips to Help Make Sure You Get Your Security Deposit Back!

How Can You Get Your Security Deposit Back?

If you’re renting a home or apartment, odds are you had to pay a security deposit to your landlord before moving in. The purpose of collecting a security deposit is to assure that the tenant keeps the rental in great condition. When you move out, you are likely to get your security deposit back if you take proper care of your rental.

To help increase the likelihood of you receiving your full security deposit back when you move out, here are 4 of our best tips:

Make Sure You’re Reading the Lease

For the most part, leases are straight forward, but that doesn’t mean that you should glance over them before signing. No matter how long your lease is, you need to take the time to read everything carefully. Your lease will explain in detail all the rules you need to follow while you’re renting.

Some landlords give their tenants permission to paint, hang pictures up on the wall, or change out other home structures. On the other hand, other landlords can be very particular about these rules. Always be sure to read your lease and ask questions before changing anything to the home.

Walk Around Your Empty Apartment

Before you start eagerly unpacking and moving your furniture:

  1. Take a walk around your empty apartment.
  2. Make a note of any damage to the walls, floors, drawers, or doors.
  3. Record if any appliances are not working.

This would also be an appropriate time to take a video or pictures to refer to when you’re ready to move out.

Keep Track of Any Upgrades you Make

Over time, it’s normal to make changes in your rental. Whether it be switching out your doorknobs, changing your showerhead, or purchasing a new washer and dryer, make sure you’re recording all your upgrades. You can also take pictures to help document the improvements that you have made to the home!

Clean Before You Leave

As you begin to pack up your belongings, don’t forget to deep clean your rental before leaving. Including removing stains on carpets, repainting scuffs on the wall, and making sure the floors are cleaned! Your landlord will appreciate your efforts.

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